Cosmetic Dental Bonding
Portland, OR

Smiling girl with teeth fixed by dental bonding in portland orCosmetic dental bonding uses tooth colored composite resin filling to rebuild teeth that have chipped and fill gaps. This product adheres directly to the surface of your tooth which Dr. Matz then hardens with a bright ultraviolet light. This is an option for repairing a tooth that has small cosmetic problems. The composite material is a strong durable product that is a strong option that should last a while, though not a permanent option.

Dental Bonding

Many patients find bonding to be an attractive option because it:
•  Is a lower cost than dental veneers or crowns.
•  Fills chipped teeth.
•  Fills gapped teeth.
•  Blends in with your teeth and looks natural.
•  Is a fast and easy option that improves your tooth shape.
•  Can lengthen a tooth that is shorter than it should be.

Cosmetic Bonding is Semi-Permanent

Cosmetic dental bonding is a great product, but may require replacement due to wear and gradual discoloration over time. Some patients prefer more permanent solutions such as dental crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers. All of these options should be discussed with our staff at Arbor View Dental and Dr. Matz.

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Cosmetic Dental Bonding | Arbor View Dental Center - Portland, OR
Visit Dr. Matz, your biological dentist in Portland Oregon to fill in tooth gaps with Cosmetic Dental Bonding. Arbor View Dental uses tooth colored composite resin filling to and fill gaps.
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