Dental Bridges
Portland, OR

A dental bridge procedure performed by Dentist <meta itemprop='reviewedBy' content='Douglas Matz'> in Portland Oregon Dental bridges are a dental device that can replace one or multiple missing teeth.

Dr. Matz helps design, with a dental laboratory, customized dental bridges that look and feels like your missing natural teeth. This appliance is then attached to two surrounding healthy teeth or dental implant posts, giving you a strong and durable tooth structure.

Missing teeth can be a problem, they can affect your bite and jaw alignment due to tooth shifting. Missing teeth can cause the jawbone to atrophy, giving you an older appearance. Missing teeth can alter what you are able to eat, or affect your speech. Finally, missing teeth can effect how you feel about your appearance, and we want you to feel great. Don't compromise your self confidence or your lifestyle; inquire about dental bridges, how they can help you, and how we at Arbor View Dental can help you make it affordable.

There are two main styles of dental bridges available in a variety of material, fixed and removable. There are pros and cons to both styles, ask Dr. Matz for more information on what would be the best option for you.

What is the difference between Fixed and Removable Bridges?

Removable: are held in place using clasps that wrap around two surrounding healthy teeth and are held tightly to the contours of the mouth. You will be asked to remove this bridge daily for cleaning and while you are sleeping. Some patients prefer this, they find it to be cleaner because you can take it out and clean the bridge thoroughly. Removable bridges are ideal for our patients who have other medical problems and cannot handle more invasive dental procedures such as a dental implant. Some patients also prefer removable bridges because it does not necessarily depend on the condition of their adjacent teeth for success.

Fixed: are non-removable, permanent porcelain teeth. This type of bridge is anchored to two strong teeth or to two dental implant posts and then cemented into place. This option does rely on having healthy bases on either side to attach the bridge to. The healthy base teeth are irreversibly prepared. Many patients love this option because it allows you to forget about the dental bridge, you can resume eating foods that you may have avoided, it is like having your natural teeth again.

For more information on dental bridges, contact our Portland office at: (503) 253-9418
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Douglas Matz DMD helps design, with a dental lab, custom dental bridges that look and feels like your missing natural teeth. Click through to learn more.
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