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Dental Implants
Portland, OR

Dental Implants by Arbor View Dentistry Portland
Dental implants are a Zirconia post, a non-metal ceramic material, that is used to replace teeth that are missing. An oral surgeon surgically places the implant, which resembles a screw, directly into your jawbone. This provides a strong base for a permanent replacement tooth.

Dentistry has made some rapid improvements, and because of this our patients have more options available for replacing teeth that are more comfortable, invisible to those around you, and longer lasting. We offer more choices than the previous bridges, partial and full dentures. At Arbor View Dental, we like implants because they give our patients teeth that look and feel like their own natural teeth.

Why should I consider dental implants?

Dr. Matz recommends dental Implants because they offer stability. Zirconia, otherwise known as Zirconium dioxide, is a great alternative to titanium implants. We like this material because it is biocompatible. Zirconia offers our patients two very important points. First, it is a non-metal ceramic material that is not likely to be rejected by your body and won't cause a metal allergy reaction like titanium posts can. Secondly, your tissue will actually fuse to Zirconia through a process called osseointegration, meaning your bone will combine with the ceramic material. This process gives our patients a very strong hold, meaning, a very strong replacement tooth. Because the jawbone is so important in this process, we do need our patients to have the right amount of bone density to hold the implant. Dr. Matz can review this information with you and may be able to offer some additional support, including bone grafting, if needed.

We like dental implants because:

•  Our patients are able to replace a tooth that is missing, maintaining a natural look.
•  Our patients can stop the atrophy of their jawbone which occurs when missing teeth.
•  We are able to create a strong base to support other dental devices including overdentures.
•  We are able to help your remaining healthy teeth from shifting which can cause bite issues and other damage.

How is the procedure for placing a dental implant performed?

Preparing the gums for surgery

Dr. Matz begins the implant procedure with preparing your gums for surgery. This means that he needs to expose the bone by making an incision through the gums. Our patients are well numbed so no discomfort is felt. Occasionally, Dr. Matz may feel that there is insufficient bone present to place the implant and will at this point suggest a bone graft. With sufficient bone, he will then proceed. The next step is to use a specialized drill for dental procedures, he will drill a space for the placement of the implant.

Implanting your new dental Implant

With your bone prepared, an oral surgeon can now place the implant. With it securely in your jawbone, the oral surgeon will now suture close the tissue area around the implant. The process is rather quick, and our patients experience minimal to no discomfort. The oral surgeon may choose to place a temporary cap onto the implant during the healing time following the procedure. The amount of time it takes to heal and integrate with your bone varies between three and six months. During this time your bone will actually grow around the device giving you a very firm root that is permanent.

Placing the Post and Crown to your new Implant

After your implant has had time to heal, you will return to Arbor View Dental to have a post placed into the implant. This is the support post for your new dental crown. Your new crown was created with impressions so that it is a perfect match in size, shape and color to your surrounding teeth and the place the tooth will be resting. We slip your crown over the post and it is cemented into place. The final result is a strong tooth that looks like it has always been there.

For more information on dental implants and if they are a good match for you, contact our Portland, OR office today at: (503) 253-9418
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