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ABout Arbor View Dental Dentist in SE PortlandLocated in the Powelhurst-Gilbert area of Portland, OR, Southwest of Mill Park on Division is the best dental office for you. How can we make that claim? We make every visit about you and your dental needs.

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Going to see a dentist can be uncomfortable at times. My perspective is to provide a comprehensive, thorough exam.

The exam consists of:
1.  Checking for cavities.
2.  Evaluating for fractured teeth.
3.  Checking for unusual tooth wear from grinding or clenching of teeth.
4.  Evaluating the tongue, gums, throat cheeks, lips, roof of mouth for infections, lacerations, tumors, etc.
5.  Checking the TMJ joints for clicking sounds, deviations of the jaws when opening or closing their mouth. Measuring the opening value, as well as, lateral movement dimensions.
6.  Doing full mouth periodontal probing for gum shrinkage, evaluating gum swelling, and color of the gums so as to ascertain if there is gum disease (periodontal disease).
7.  Lymph node examination of the head and neck area to see if there is swelling and therefore infection regionally.
8.  Evaluating the head and neck skin for unusual coloration and texture which could indicate cancer.

This type of exam can be overwhelming and effort is made to
•  inform the patient verbally,
•  through pictures online,
•  with X-rays,
•  using a mirror to show the healthy and unhealthy areas.

It’s always the patient’s right to choose the type of treatment they want. Forcing individuals to choose a certain option because of dollar cost is not part of my ethical standard. If a patient wants an opinion about treatment, then see their current dentist for care, I’m open to that. Lastly, many of my patients have been traumatized dentally and caring for them in a compassionate manner is foremost in my mind. Making sure they are numb when doing treatment is an absolute. Sometimes oral sedation would be very helpful because it’s relaxing and it has an amnesic effect and this is recommended. Rarely IV sedation is used and an anesthesiologist is employed for such cases. On very difficult procedures and sedation cases, one to two phone calls are made to evaluate healing, pain levels, etc. after the dental treatment.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at (503) 465-4848.

Dr. Matz
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