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"Having studied and speculated over different mercury toxicology studies, I have come to the forgone conclusion that the following bulleted holistic association (IAOMT) to be superior above all others, in its comprehensiveness around the toxic fillings and other dental treatments."

"The ADA has differing opinions as to the health advantages of dental products as well as dental procedures. I recommend reading about the mercury (silver or amalgam) fillings, as well as fluoride use, root canals, and cavitation lesions, in both links." ~Dr. Matz

Holistic Dental Association

Dr. Matz is currently a member of the Holistic Dental Association. Read more about the association at their website by visiting them at holisticdental.org.

Mercury Fillings Links:

The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) www.iaomt.org
The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) contend that mercury/amalgam/silver colored fillings are dangerous. There are also several IAOMT studies that define how certain dental treatments are toxic for the body and the mind.

The American Dental Association (ADA) www.ada.org
The American Dental Association (ADA) contend that mercury/amalgam/silver fillings are safe. They also contend with many of the declarations of the IAOMT relevancy.

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions www.dams.cc
Dental Amalgam Fillings-definition and clinical findings on the toxicology of such fillings.

Holistic and Alternative Health links:

Holistic Nutrition Lab http://holisticnutritionlab.com

Andrea Nakayama's Replenish PDX http://www.replenishpdx.com

Intuitive animal communication specialist.

Hamilton Health Care www.healthybuildings.org
Healthy Environs - Create a toxic free oasis with air and water purifiers!

Hands on Health Care www.hands-onhealthcare.com
At Orthopedic & TMJ Therapy Center, we have a team of professionals dedicated to restoring your body back to wellness. Physical therapy is a natural way to help your body recover from trauma and the stress of your life.

Ethan Beck Homes www.ethanbeckhomes.com
Manages the process of building new "green" homes in Portland. Sustainable construction site includes recycling waste, preserving existing trees, and all homes are NW Energy Star & Earth Advantage Certified. There vision is to add to the beauty and caricature of Portland neighborhoods for generations to come, while reducing our homes impact on the environment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Links:

Fellman Dental Lab
Beautiful, functional and affordable restorations are the end result of team work and communication between the dentist, lab technition and the patient! This is the best lab I have ever worked with regarding cosmetic dentistry. They are excellent!

Small Businesses locally owned and supported by AVDC:

La Bellissima www.la-bellissima.com/

Murphy Bookkeeping & Payroll www.books-payroll.com

More Resources

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