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Dental Services offered by Arbor View Dentist PortlandSince Dr. Matz is always involved in continuing dental education, he is well versed in a wide variety of dental procedures. Learn more about the services we offer below:

Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Matz and the Arbor View Dental Center team are committed to supporting your dental health by evaluating your whole body and determining individualized treatment. You will find the following holistic practices at our SE Portland office:
•  Non Amalgam Restoration
•  HEPA Air Filtration
•  Mercury Protocol
•  Biocompatible Materials
•  Homeopathic Remedies

Dental Implants

Dr. Matz recommends dental implants as the most natural and functional treatment for a missing tooth because they offer stability.

Emergency Dental Support

We do our best to see emergency cases immediately. If you experience intense bleeding or your emergency extends beyond dental care, please go to the nearest emergency room for assistance.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer both small and large procedures that can make a huge difference. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your self confidence and make you want to share your smile.

Veneers - Beyond just enhancing the color of the tooth, porcelain veneers can be a great solution for enhancing the size, shape and overall appearance of the smile.

Teeth Whitening - Whiter teeth has now become the number one aesthetic concern of most patients.

Cosmetic Bonding - This is an option for repairing a tooth that has small cosmetic problems.

Preventive Dentistry

This branch of services is focused on preventing damage to your teeth through proper dental care.

Dental Cleaning - Dental cleanings at Arbor View Dental are performed by our skilled dental hygienist.

Biological Dentistry - This focuses on how your general health affects your oral health.

Dental Exam - At Arbor View Dental, we would like to see you at least twice a year, this helps Dr. Matz to provide advice on caring for your teeth and to be aware of any changes that are occurring.

Oral Cancer Screening - Catching signs early will help. At Arbor View Dental, we have incorporated an oral cancer screening into your dental checkup.

Deep Cleaning - Dr. Matz occasionally may find that patients require more than a standard dental cleaning.

Dental Sealants - Next to daily brushing, dental sealants are the most pro-active preventative treatment in dental care.

Bruxism - Consistent teeth-grinding or jaw-clenching is known as bruxism. Many people are unaware that they suffer from it.

Restorative Dentistry

When problems do occur, we can fix them using established methods with modern technology.

Composite Fillings - Dental composite fillings are used to rebuild damaged teeth.

Dental Bonding - Cosmetic dental bonding uses tooth colored composite resin filling to rebuild teeth that have chipped and fill gaps.

Dental Crowns - At Arbor View Dental, we are able to cap teeth that have lost their strength through severe damage with dental crowns.

Dentures - This is a drastic option, and one that is decided on when there are no other options.

Gum Disease - Gum disease is a common dental condition. It is a problem and something we at Arbor View Dental can help with.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Wisdom teeth extractions are a very common procedure and are made very easy when we have time to pre-plan them. When a wisdom tooth goes undetected and is allowed to erupt and become impacted, the procedure becomes more complicated but still common.

Root Canal - Endodontic therapy is a dental procedure that Dr. Matz is able to perform to save an infected tooth and would require an extraction without.

Dental Implants - Dental implants are a Zirconia post that is used to replace teeth that are missing.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Dr. Matz will examine your TMJ for irregularities every time you come in for your regular 6-month exam, in order to detect signs of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Sedation Dentistry

If you are like many people, the very thought of dental work can make you cringe. We know that many patients are uncomfortable undergoing dental work, so we offer sedation dentistry for virtually all dental care.

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