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"I just wanted to email and say thank you very much for the great work you provided me. When we left my appt. on Monday, Ryan said, “Well that went pretty well didn’t it?”, and I said, “Ehh, yeah not bad.” ... Not bad is amazing compared to the experiences I have had (horrible, terrifying, excruciating etc.). I know that doesn’t seem like a big complement but it is... and your kindness meant a lot to me (as someone who normally has panic attacks even driving by a dental office). So, I want to thank you all for giving me the highest quality of care, making me feel as comfortable as I can be, and most importantly for allowing Ryan to be with me (other offices wouldn’t because of Covid and there was no way I could do all of that on my own). The humorous comments that Dr. Matz said were also comforting. Ryan even said when we left, “I am pretty sure he cared more about our relationship and our goals than your teeth haha”. I just laughed and was just so relieved to be done, cavity-free and that “everything looked perfect”. We appreciate everything and will return to you guys for cleanings and anything else needed in the future."

"All 5 stars!
Dr. Matz and his staff are always friendly, professional, informative and helpful. I have been to many dentists and Dr. Matz is by far the most gentle and explains procedures so they are understandable. I can tell he really cares about his patients.
Thank you,"

"You're the only doctor I would travel an hour and a half to have dental treatment.

Thank you."

"Very friendly atmosphere. Makes you feel like you've known them for a long time. The quality of work is always right on. I appreciate the honesty that comes along with every visit.

I always hated the dentist. I look forward to coming here because I always have a good time. Great atmosphere!"

"Dr. Matz is a very kind, caring and pain free dentist. He is one in a million for the utmost sensitivity to my needs. Whenever I come in his office, I always feel secure in getting the latest techniques of surgery, along with the very safest dental materials. Due to my workplace injuries, I have serious allergies and need very highly skilled care. I know I can trust Dr. Matz!"

"My family loves Dr. Matz. He is a very kind, caring, gentle, and knowledgeable Dentist. I have always felt comfortable and cared for when sitting in the chair.
I would also like to add that my son has always been terrified of having any work done, to the point of needing to go to a pediatric dentist where they can sedate him because of his behavior. But with Dr. Matz, his patience and loving heart my son trusts him and feels very comfortable now. I have recommended him to everyone I know!"

"I completely agree with Martha. My experience with Dr. Matz and the staff at Arborview is a PHENOMENAL one. Before going to Dr. Matz, I literally cried at an appointment with my previous dentist because I was so afraid of what they were putting in my mouth- the filling material smelled like paint thinner and the hygienist told me to put bleach in my mouth to increase the pH. I do not even clean with that stuff!"

"Arborview is SO different from another other dentist office I have been to. It is a breath of fresh air and exactly how every dentist office should be. Dr. Matz spent a significant amount of time asking about my health history and teaching me about what was going on in my mouth and how it relates to my overall health. He was truly interested and compassionate. It is hard to have fairly significant health issues at a young age (I am 23), but Dr. Matz reminded me that I am doing a good job and to keep pursuing the root cause. I highly recommend him and his staff!"

"Today was best day ever: Dr. Matz took the last two amalgam (mercury) fillings out of my mouth. The care I have received has been exceptional and without the team at Arbor View, I could not have made it. Thank you 100 times over".

Martha B Yelp Review
"GO HERE NOW!! The experience the other reviewer described seems really OFF for Dr. Matz's office and staff. Now, that being said, I know there was a time a couple of years ago when a serious family emergency caused the practice to temporarily pause for a moment. But, like all small, local businesses, this is one of the things we clients, customers, and patients need to accept as a tradeoff as opposed to the outright malpractice that can come along with larger HMO-type dental and medical practices. I know; I've been through that. Dr. Matz saved me from horrible dental work that had been done on me by one of these franchise -type places. That other outfit wanted to pull teeth, not practice actual dentistry. Dr. Matz, however, saw me on the night before Thanksgiving (never having met me before), relieved my immediate pain and suffering, and set up appointments to address the underlying issues of my dental problems at the time. I've been going to him for over 10 years ever since, along with the rest of my family. I always look forward to our appointments, knowing that I am going to be seem as a whole person, not just a mouth :-) Dr. Matz's skill and bedside manner (or whatever it's called in dentistry) are the best I've ever seen. I take medication that causes me to have more dental problems than other people, and I've been going to dentists faithfully all my life. This one's a keeper."

Dr. Card and her husband.
"I have been a patient with Dr. Matz for over twenty years. He has always given excellent dental care. I would encourage anyone to contact him for consultation."

 Adam Davis the founding principal of DHM Research.
"Dr. Matz is a caring and skilled professional. He's a good listener and dedicated to making procedures pain free. Most importantly, he knows his stuff. He sized me up right away while he was looking at my teeth for the first time and said, "You must be a small business owner. He can spot a grinder!"

 Amy a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"Dr. Matz goes the extra mile to make sure his patients are comfortable. He cares about the health of your teeth so he only does composite fillings. That is another thing about Dr. Matz; he knows the science and respects that. I really adore Dr. Matz and his staff."

Brad C. a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"My family has been coming to Dr. Matz for years. It is nice to have a dentist that can put the whole family at ease. The kids enjoy him because of his ability to connect with them and I enjoy him because I know my family is receiving the highest quality dental care."

Carrie M. a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"I would trust Dr. Matz not only with my teeth but with my life! He and Rayna are so knowledgeable, professional and kind, that I even look forward to my appointments – which have been numerous this year. You will be in good hand with Dr. Matz and Rayna. Be prepared to feel like family and enjoy some laughter along with good dental care".

 Carren a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"In 2008, after laborious search for dental care, I found Douglas K. Matz, DMD. Previously I was diagnosed by Oregon Health Science University as having environmental chemical reaction to pesticides, chemicals and gold. This made my search for dental care most difficult. After some research of my dental condition, Dr. Matz said, "I will accept your case." The treatment I have received has been excellent. Also, mostly painless and chemically correct for me. I am glad to have met Dr. Matz. I have received excellent care in the most difficult dental and health condition. I am looking forward to a new smile with a new upper denture soon. Thank you Dr. Matz, for being the professional that you are. This patient values your exceptional talent in dentistry, and as a professional who cares enough to make the treatment, no matter how difficult, workable and correct. Thank you for your smile."

 Tom M. a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"I've known Dr. Matz as my dentist as well as a personal friend for about 30 years. He has done a superb job of helping me have the dental health I enjoy today entering by seventh decade. Dr. Matz has a calmness and confidence about him and in his approach to taking care of my dental needs. This in turn calms me while I'm in his chair and gives me confidence in him no matter what type of dental procedure he performs inside my mouth. He is honest and up front with his recommendations and knows when to refer me to a specialist when it's appropriate. Dr. Matz is also a most gentle and efficient dentist, as he's always aware of what might cause me discomfort and makes special effort to minimize it and get his work done before I become fatigued. I believe he treats me exactly the way wants to be treated when he has he own dental work done. I can, without any reservations, recommend Dr. Matz to anyone who seeks highly professional and compassionate dental care."

Carey P. Holistic Harmony, a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"I've been using Dr. Matz as my dentist for about 8 years now and I wouldn't ever go to anyone else. He's professional and knowledgeable, while at the same time being good-natured and friendly. His office is comfortable, light and airy and his eceptionists/assistants are personable and interesting. I often enjoy my visit so much that I miss going in if I have a year or two without any dental concerns. The work I've had performed by Dr. Matz, whether a simple filling, crown or dental prosthesis, has been first rate and he's always been accommodating if I have any issues that need to be addressed immediately. He's informative, skilled, and kind. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist, or looking to change from the one they have."

Mark D. a patient at Arbor View Dental.
"Dr. Matz has been my dentist since he came to Arbor View many years ago. He consistently makes me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Matz is clearly very competent and stays up to date with advances in the dental field. Because I have been using his services for so many years, I also see some of the behind the scenes activities. He actively pursues his own personal growth to become a better human being and he helps others who are entering the dental field. This fits well with my personal philosophy of striving to be a whole person bringing service to the world rather than just being a skilled technician of a particular job. His pricing is fair and he offers me a variety of payment options since I do not have insurance. He also gives me a price quote prior to any work so that I can plan my expenses. I certainly recommend Dr. Matz when you are seeking dental care."

"The best dentist I have ever been to!! I am always taken care of with Dr Matz and have been a patient for years. My fears of dentistry are alleviated. I actually have a good time when I go and I know I am getting excellent work. Dr Matz really takes the time to let me know my options and what the most effective treatment I need. I highly recommend him to anyone!!!"

"Felt welcomed and understood when outlining my personal preferences and sensitivities. A calm, down-to-earth atmosphere. The one-on-one attention was great—never felt rushed. I loved the way the dentist explained the steps and checked in with me often. And I didn't feel a thing when I had to be numbed for the procedure. Highly recommend!"

"Dr. Matz has been my dentist since he took over the Division Street location many years ago. He provides personal care, not like those high production dentists that treat you like you are on a factory assembly line. Most recently, I had a dental implant. I had put it off for a full year due to fears of problems and pains that I had heard that many people have over this precise surgery. My fears were unfounded as the surgery and follow up installation was easy and mostly painless. I don't even notice that the implant is there now. I wish that I had not gone with the dental bridge years ago and went directly with the dental implant, as it would have saved me a lot of time and money."

"I made an inquiry on Dr Matz's website and the following evening he called me back and spent about 30 minutes answering my questions!! That alone was incredible. He spent his personal time helping me. He was engaged and interested in my care. He answered each of my questions thoroughly and was extremely helpful. During this conversation, Dr Matz provided so much care for me and I am not a current patient, yet! His answers have helped guide me in a direction to improve my health, which I was very concerned about. I feel the knowledge he shared with me will leave me with no surprises. Thank you so very much. Gemma"

"Dear Dr. Matz,
This letter is long overdue. I apologize for that. After having Sue's tooth extracted, and seeing what was to lie ahead of us, there was a great deal of emotional healing that sue needed to go through. She has done well but the loss of the tooth that she had spent 3 years on trying to save was a pretty sharp blow. Dr. Hordal scheduled Sue for her first bone graft of Aug. 10th. Sue is preparing emotionally and physically for those next steps. We both want to tell you how much we appreciated your wonderful care for Sue through this process. You and your staff are fantastic, caring and compassionate people. We feel blessed to have you as our dentist.

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