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Elderly man with coffee at table wearing dentures, Dentist Douglas Matz Portland OregonDr. Matz will recommend dentures when there are no healthy teeth remaining. This is a drastic option, and one that is decided on when there are no other options. Dentures are unable to replicate the same feel or function of natural teeth but they can buy you freedoms that having no healthy teeth will not. There are new options for our patients seeking dentures that we can discuss with you at Arbor View Dental that can help your new false teeth be as comfortable as possible.

Dentures come in a variety of materials and two styles, either partial or full. Dr. Matz will help you decide which is the best option for you.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures help you by:
•  restore natural function.
•  replacing multiple missing teeth.
•  correct your bite.
•  correct your jaw alignment.
•  stop teeth from shifting.
•  stop your bone from atrophy which causes an older appearance.

Partial dentures are going to be more comfortable for you, if you have few remaining healthy teeth this will be an option Dr. Matz will recommend, We offer both removable and permanent partial dentures.


Removable partial dentures are held in place using metal clasps which attach to remaining healthy teeth. They do require some healthy teeth or dental implants to attach to.


Non- removable partials dentures are attached to surrounding healthy teeth and then cemented into place.

Together, you and Dr. Matz will determine if your gums and anchor teeth are healthy enough for a partial denture.

Full Dentures

When a patient has no remaining healthy teeth, Dr. Matz will discuss full dentures. Dentures are a removable prosthesis of false plastic teeth surrounded by a pink gum-colored plastic base. With this device, you purchase an over the counter denture adhesive to keep it in place. Ask us about implant anchored dentures, they will provide you much more freedom.

Full Dentures are more beneficial than no teeth, but will never feel like natural teeth. You will always need to be mindful of the variety of food you are able to eat with dentures. Many patients report a decrease in self-confidence during social situations, this is often a difficult transition. We may be able to help. Today's advances in implants have allowed our patients to experience much more comfort.

Implant anchored dentures

Implant anchored dentures will provide you much more comfort, but they do require the bone density to support them. Dr. Matz can help determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. By placing implants into the jawbone, Dr. Matz is able to provide solid posts to attach your dentures to. This will give you much more comfort than having adhesive placed dentures. We want you to live a long and happy life, one where you don't have to feel embarrassed or constantly worry about if your dentures can hold. Ask about dental implant anchored dentures today.

Full Dentures help by:

•  providing a full arch of false teeth when none are present.
•  fix your appearance with an improved face shape that changes so drastically when missing several teeth.

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Here at Arbor View Dental, we recommend dentures when there are no healthy teeth remaining. Click here to learn more about dentures.
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