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Restorative Dentistry by Arbor View Dental in Portland, OR
Restorative Dentistry has changed significantly as patients are learning more about preventive measures. We have found that tooth decay has diminished considerably with the use of fluoride, sealants and an increase in patient education. However, at some point, we will all experience tooth decay, infection, and cracks. Modern dentistry offers improved techniques and technology, we offer many options for restoring a tooth back to its normal shape, appearance and function and can work with what you can afford.

Restorative Dental Services:



Gone are the days of mouths full of metal. We now offer composite fillings which mimic the look of your natural teeth. Composite fillings require are stronger than amalgam fillings and require less of your tooth to be removed to be effective. Long lasting and extremely high quality.


Dental Bonding

Small chips and cracks in your teeth can be annoying to look at and feel within your mouth. It can also be dangerous to leave portions of your tooth cracked. Fortunately, we now have an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to fix such issues, dental bonding.


Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extractions are a very common procedure and are made very easy when we have time to pre-plan them. When a wisdom tooth goes undetected and is allowed to erupt and become impacted, the procedure becomes more complicated but still common.


Dental Crowns

Sometimes teeth reach a point where they can no longer function properly. Rather than having them removed, many times we can save the root and much of the tooth. With dental crowns we have the ability to give your tooth a second shot at life. Crowns are long lasting, high quality dental appliances.


Dental Bridge

When several teeth in a row are missing from your mouth, it can begin to feel like an uphill battle. Our teeth are such a big part of our self image, they are the first thing people see when we smile. Dental bridges make it easy and affordable to replace multiple teeth quickly. A bridge will restore the form, function, and aesthetic of your smile and ability to chew and talk.



Life with few teeth can be very difficult. Even the simple tasks of chewing and talking become frustrating and difficult. Denture give people their dignity back and afford them the ability to eat with much less effort. Further, dentures are an affordable full tooth replacement option. When compared with other similar full tooth replacement options, dentures are the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to go.


Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious issue that can have serious repercussions on your oral health. It can be very difficult to know if you suffer from gum disease without seeing a dentist. This is one of the reasons we at Arbor View Dental suggest you come to see us at least two times a year. When you come in for your regular checkup we can educate you on what I happening in your mouth and how you can combat any issues like gum disease.


Root Canal

If you suspect you need rootcanal treatment, Dr. Matz would be happy to evaluate you and discuss your treatment options. Should you choose to pursue root canal treatment we would refer you to a endodontic specialist for further treatment.

Restorative Treatment

If you require a restorative treatment, we can discuss the available options, and recommend the most comfortable, least invasive treatment. Our number one priority is to provide you with excellent care while creating your beautiful, healthy smile. Give us a call today at (503) 253-9418

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Restorative Dentistry | Arbor View Dental - Portland OR
If you require restorative dental treatment, we can discuss the available options, and recommend the most comfortable, least invasive treatment. Our number one priority is to provide you with excellent care.
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