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Root Canal Therapy

woman with tooth pain, dentist Douglas Matz Portland ORFrequently known as a root canal, endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure that Dr. Matz is able to perform to save an infected tooth and would require an extraction without. When the root area of your tooth becomes infected, it will not heal on its own, it will continue destroying the tooth and could destroy the nearby teeth. Infection can begin due to several different reasons, the basic cause is bacteria found its way inside the tooth, this can be due to cracks or fractures, cavities, large fillings, dental crowns, trauma to the tooth, or extreme wear from bruxism.

How does Dr. Matz perform a Root Canal?

When the nerve of a tooth is infected, Dr. Matz needs to remove the infection. He does this by removing the portion associated with growing your teeth, including the pulp, root, nerves and any bacteria. Once your tooth is developed the pulp, root, and nerves are no longer needed. This now empty space is filled with a medicated rubber material which restores your tooth to natural function. Frequently, Dr. Matz will decide that a crown is necessary to provide extra strength to your tooth. He will discuss the options with you.

Should I just have the tooth extracted?

At Arbor View Dental, we always recommend that our patients take measures to keep their natural teeth. Removing teeth can have far worse repercussions and future problems. Extracting a tooth could very possibly be more costly both financially and with significant problems for your adjacent teeth, including shifting teeth and a loss of bone in the area where the tooth was removed.

Reasons For Root Canal Therapy

•  Infection has developed inside the tooth, which is evidenced by pain or an abscess.
•  Your tooth has been injured from impact or trauma.
•  Your tooth has extreme wear from Bruxism, the grinding or clenching of teeth while you sleep.
•  Dr. Matz notes an issue during your regular dental check-up.

At Arbor View Dental, we do not want you to experience pain. Root Canals do not cause pain, they relieve it. The pain of infection is a serious problem, and we can help. Contact our Portland, OR office for more information. 503-465-4848
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